It's Good to Agree

Welcome to Agree Freight

Agreefreight is the only IT platform that offers container freight rates live online directly linked to a vessel’s sailing.

We enable you transact with Carriers and Forwarders in seconds for both LCL and FCL, eliminating phone call and emails.

You can search rates from Gate In to Gate Out and CFS In to CFS Out by cut-off time, ETD and, most importantly, the ETA to meet your supply chain needs.

Once you select a selling rate, or if your bid has been agreed, you have Agreedfreight.

After that, you will receive confirmation from the operator, who will then process your agreement.

Container shipping for both LCL and FCL made easy!

Always remember, “It’s Good to Agree”

How It Works

From our homepage you can enter the port of loading and destination; this takes you straight to the exchange showing all sailings on the given route by ETD, ETA, Last Loading Day and price.

A carrier’s offers can be selected by clicking on their selling price. Complete the very basic cargo details to ‘Agree Freight’ and we will issue our reference, shortly followed by the container carriers’ booking reference which will allow you to follow the carriers booking system which may vary from Carrier to Carrier.

Alternatively, if you feel the selling price offered is not suitable, you can make your own bid. The carrier can then decide if they wish to accept your bid or not, If they accept your bid, you will receive the agreed freight and the Carriers booking reference.

Who Can Join

As a Buyer:

You must be registered company able to export or import within your jurisdiction


Choices is our instant solution for both parties (buyers and sellers) to choose who they want to deal with. Used correctly, this will mitigate against ‘no shows‘.

As a Buyer (Shippers):

After registration click on settings, a full list of Carriers (Sellers) will appear. All have been pre-selected. If you choose NOT to deal with one or more of them, simply untick their selection box. You will then be unable to accept their selling price and the Seller will not be able to accept your bids. If you change your mind, simply tick the selection box and proceed with the contract.

As a Seller ( Carrier ):

All buyers are anonymous to the sellers ( Shippers ) until the cargo is booked. Should the booking be “no show” or the buyer tries to renegotiate the agreed rate (or other circumstances that disrupt the deal), the seller has the CHOICE to block any future bookings from that particular buyers )Shipper ). It also means the buyer will no longer be able to accept the seller's price.